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Andrew Kueppers

AJ’s journey to the Stevie Ray’s Board of Directors is a story of two parallel tracks: his love for numbers and his love for the arts.

His love for numbers began in kindergarten, where he discovered the joy of learning 2+2=4. This enjoyment of math continued through his education, culminating in an Accounting Degree. From there, he joined the “Financial Management Leadership Development Program” (say that five times fast) at Travelers Insurance in St Paul, Minnesota. Currently he is a Senior Accounting Manager at The Ambr Group, where he enjoys the challenge of turning raw data into an accurate financial story.

Meanwhile, AJ’s love for the arts began with a stage debut singing at age 2. This led to many musical theater performances, as well as directing and performing with his college a capella group (before Pitch Perfect made it cool.) In 2016, he took his first ever improv course at Stevie Ray’s, and he’s been hooked ever since. As a touring company performer, he loves to delight audiences with fully improvised songs.

As a board member, AJ is thrilled to combine his shared love of numbers and the arts, to support Stevie Ray’s Improv Company, and to help grow both audiences and performers in the Minnesota community.

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