What kind of keynotes or workshops do you offer?

Rather than convince you of what we can do, we prefer to tell you what we have already done successfully. In the past 25 years, we have conducted over a thousand sessions for hundreds of thousands of thrilled audience members (and three people who hated us).

What kind of events have you served?

Large conventions
Small group workshops
Staff retreats
Client Appreciation
Association/Chapter meetings
After-dinner presentations
Lunch & Learn sessions
Private Coaching

How long is a typical keynote presentation or workshop?

One-hour short session
Two-hour workshop
Half-day training
Full-day training
Multi-session program

What is your process?

1) When you contact us, the first question we ask is, “What do you want the audience to do better when we’re done?” This approach keeps the focus where it belongs; meeting your objectives.
2) We can either talk by phone or meet in person; your choice.
3) Once the details are set, we design a customized session for your event. We keep in touch as the date approaches so you know what to expect.
4) We arrive early so everyone can relax, knowing we are on site.
5) We stick around after the session to answer any questions the group may have.

Who delivers the keynotes and workshops?

Stevie Ray and his team of Stevie Ray’s Certified Trainers® deliver an exciting and valuable experience for your audience. Each certified trainer is a specialist in one of our programs, so we can focus on your specific needs. Stevie Ray himself is available to deliver keynotes and workshops personally, depending on his availability.

How do our presentations and workshops help your team?

Our presentations and interactive workshops use hands-on exercises to help your people sharpen their skills to better handle tough on-the-spot challenges, teamwork, leadership, and other important workplace issues.

You won’t hear this word from us very often, but here are some no’s we love.

No PowerPoint. PowerPoint is not a bad thing; it is very useful for some presentations. However, our goal is skill-building, so the audience needs to interact; not stare at a screen.

No lectures. Like PowerPoint, lectures have their place, but if you are trying to learn new skills you need a hands-on experience.

No cookie-cutter presentations. Too many speaker/trainers claim to customize, but they end up using their same old standard speech and just insert the name of your company. Because we focus on skills—not topics—our sessions are always customized. Use the list of topics on our website as a starting point to inspire you to think about what kind of session would be perfect for you. Mix-and-match according to your needs.

No fluff. Sure our sessions are fun, but they are also filled with valuable information. A comment we often hear is, “We can’t believe how much great information you gave us.” Our workshops and keynotes are rich in content and delivered in a fun and engaging atmosphere. To do this, we combine research in neuroscience, psychology, and strategic management.

At a Stevie Ray’s session, your group will laugh and learn. Laughter is not just the frosting on the cake, the act of laughter actually improves learning and retention. At Stevie Ray’s, we treat laughter seriously. The two most common responses from our clients is, “We have never laughed so much at a workshop/keynote” and “We can’t wait to get back to work to try the techniques you taught us.”

The proof is in the pudding
Let’s face it, anyone can use fancy marketing to get booked as a speaker/trainer. Nearly 100% of our clients come to us because of a recommendation from a previous client.

Our guarantee
Not thrilled? Not billed. Good enough?