Making it up as we go since 1989.

Pamela M. Mayne

A pioneer in Twin Cities comedy, Pamela began her association with Stevie in 1988 when they co-directed a Minneapolis comedy- variety club. They eventually took over the club to create Stevie Ray’s Improv Company. Over the years, Pamela has directed thousands of performances at Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret. She has also taught hundreds of new improv artists, giving new funny folks their start in the business. She helped produce three Comedians Who Care comedy marathons for charity, and two Minneapolis Improv Festivals that brought troupes from across the country to the Twin Cities.

Pamela holds the distinction of being the only person allowed to tell Stevie he’s not as funny as he thinks he is. As Director of Operations, Pamela oversees all aspects of Stevie Ray’s Improv Company.

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