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Jerome Mayne

Since graduating from high school, Jerome Mayne – a regular guy, had a kid, got married, had another kid, built a real estate investment company, got divorced, built a finance company, joined Stevie Ray’s Improv Company, performed improv and stand up comedy, went to prison, taught improv, performed stand up some more, got cancer, lived, got out of prison, had miracle child, taught and performed improv for Stevie Ray’s again, toured as a stand up, got married again, toured as a public speaker and now he’s back to teaching improv again.

Improv is about living life.  Life is about the choices we make and the confidence we have when making these choices.  The choices we make reflect who we are; our character.   Our levels of honesty, sincerity and how genuine we are make up our character.  Improv builds character.  So, live a little.  See you in class.