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Kip Hathaway

The tallest and most repulsive member of the troupe, Kip is an Improvisor and Actor in the Twin Cities. An artist since birth, Kip loves all creative pursuits, excelling in Cartooning, Singing, and the Theater. Kip started doing improv when he was 14 at the Minnesota Institute of Talented Youth, and continued through High School and College, graduating from Lawrence University with a major in Theater Arts. Unsurprisingly, he has never made more than 25,000 dollars in a year. When not wasting away in his parent’s basement, he can be found wasting away in the upper floors of his parent’s house, where he lives. One day he hopes to move out and become wealthy and famous — HA! Kip joined the Stevie Ray’s Company in 2018 and has “delighted” audiences ever since. Outside of Improv, his theater credits include The Porter in Wayward Theater’s MacBeth, produced at the James J. Hill house, which won City Page’s 2020 Play of the Year, and caused the paper to fold shortly after. He loves pro wrestling, and his favorite food is gingerbread houses.