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Nimene Wureh

Nimene has always had a love for the stage, but never did any theatre until 11th grade when she began her career at Perpich Center for the Arts Education. Here she made the transition from soccer jock… to theatre geek. Graduating from Perpich in 2016, Nimene is a 19-year-old improviser, musician, and professional auntie to her 4 nieces and 2 nephews. Nimene performed improv for an entire summer at Valleyfair and is a member of 3 different improv troupes including: BLACKOUT, the Twin Cities’ ONLY all P.O.C. improv troupe, r/whattheimprov, and now Stevie Ray’s Improv Company.


P.S.- I know you’re wondering, it’s pronounced “NIM-IN-KNEE”


P.P.S- Save the cheesy Finding Nemo joke about my name, I’ve heard it before.