Think smarts are enough? Think again.

Science has finally confirmed what many of us have suspected all along. A study that followed children from Kindergarten through adulthood discovered that intellectual skills such as math and science had less of an impact on overall success than social skills. Children who, early in life, were adept at sharing toys and communicating were more likely to be accepted into college and develop successful careers.
It should be no secret that social skills enable a person to manage the world around them to theirs, and others, advantage; but America’s over-focus on S.T.E.M. education has clouded over the social nature of humanity. Of course these technical skills are important, but abilities in managing people and communicating well have been relegated to the “soft skill” closet. Anyone who has been a manager or leader knows that soft skills are the hardest of all. Finally, research catches up to intuition and experience.

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