Chad Dutton – Music Director

Chad Dutton, in the broadest sense, is the juxtaposition of what on the surface appears to be the case and what is actually the case or to be expected; he is an important rhetorical device and literary technique. Verbal, dramatic, and situational Chad is often used for emphasis in the assertion of a truth, though often Chad is used as a form of simile, used in sarcasm.

Jonathan Walters – Music Director

Jonathan’s life as a pianist began shortly after discovering the piano in his house and realizing he had hands. Through years of lying to his piano teachers about how much he had practiced, he continued to tickle them ivories through high school until he moved from North Dakota to Minneapolis for college. He first played piano for improv comedy when he joined a group, Meat and Cheese. This improv ensemble performed at multiple clubs and venues throughout the Twin Cities until they broke up, (or just stopped calling Jonathan, he is not sure which). He also performed regularly as the house pianist for Yes…and Food, an improv comedy club in Coon Rapids that, ya know, closed. Besides improv comedy, Jonathan also writes original songs, plays bass guitar and piano, and sings lead vocals for an unsuccessful punk band “Dingus.” Jonathan is honored and stoked to join Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret.


Stephanie Jeffrey – Host & Music Director

Stephanie Jeffrey is mostly a regular actor, who has done a lot of theatre, film, and TV work. She studied a little improv in college, but her theatre professor told her she was awful at it. So, she put improv dreams aside and became a piano teacher instead. After studying improv a little more in Los Angeles, she decided to audition for Stevie Ray’s last year, and poof…here she is.

Ben Heer – Touring Company Member

In 2016 while attending college, Ben Heer attended an improv workshop conducted by Stevie Ray’s Improv Company. After graduating that year from the University of Wisconsin River Falls, Ben started taking classes and was cast in Stevie Ray’s Touring Company in 2017, and has served as both onstage performer and technical director. Ben is an actor in the Twin Cities and has performed with companies including Theatre Elision, National Theatre for Children, Theatre Unbound, Daytrippers Dinner Theatre, and Zephyr Theatre. In his spare time, Ben is a cartoonist. His single panel comic 40 Days Fresh and his strip Flat Lids have been posted on social media and his website since 2019.

Leah Isaacson – Touring Company Member

Leah began acting in high school because she realized she wasn’t very good at sports. She liked to try to make people laugh way more than trying to make the varsity team. Her passion for improv and acting brought her to LA and The Groundlings Theater & School. But those beautiful Minnesota winters kept calling her home. She teaches improv at Minneapolis College and has her own acting company that works directly with first responders.