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Joe Harstad

Joe Harstad’s first improv class was at the ripe young age of 1. Though he didn’t pick up much at that time, crawling around the classroom space in downtown was just the beginning of his improv career. Growing up in a household with Pamela Mayne and Jerome Mayne, improv was a daily activity.

Fast forward to the age of 15, when Joe took his first real improv class, and he has been in a class every week since then. With time, he transitioned to teaching improv classes. In the fall of 2015, Joe moved from performing to directing. As the Assistant Artistic Director, Joe is the epitome of middle management. At 19, Joe is one of the youngest professional directors around, But don’t use his age as an excuse for lack of knowledge, he will repeat the eight rules of improv faster than anybody.

He recently moved out for the first time and is enjoying it, however there was one painful thing he learned; knowing improv doesn’t make it any easier to do laundry.