Training so fun, HR will be worried.

Do you know why employees hate training sessions? Because some guy in a cheap suit stands in front of a PowerPoint lecturing about stuff that has nothing to do with their jobs.

Well, we don’t wear suits, we hate PowerPoint, and the skills we teach literally change the way people work. And we don’t make that claim lightly, that comes from the thousands of clients we have served over the past three decades. How do we do it? By designing a hands-on, interactive workshop that gets your employees on their feet  laughing and learning.


Tell me and I will forget.

Show me and I may remember.

Involve me and I will understand.



Who is Confucious?

Stevie Ray


I learned more in one hour from Stevie Ray than I have in ten years from other trainers.

Audra K. Solberg, Director of Administration

Robins Kaplan Law Firm


Stevie Ray and his team of Certified Trainers have helped organizations improve:

• Customer Service

• Public Speaking

• Creative Problem Solving

• Communication Skills

• Team Building & Employee Engagement


Stevie Ray

The “Big Guy”



Joe Lovitt

Stevie Ray’s Certified Trainer™


Rex Isom, Jr.

Stevie Ray’s Certified Trainer™



Ellie Walton

Stevie Ray’s Certified Trainer™









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