The Roadmap to Influence



Capture attention ⋅ Create connection ⋅ Motivate action

Every member of an organization—executives, managers, and front-line staff—must influence others to achieve a positive outcome. Sadly, most people rely on ineffective methods of persuasion, statistics and information, authority, or pressure, to influence others. These methods may work in the short-term, but ultimately damage relationships.


I learned more in one hour from Stevie Ray than I have in ten years from other trainers.

Audra K. Solberg, Director of Administration, Robins Kaplan Law Firm


NO POWERPOINT. Stevie Ray’s keynote presentation, The Roadmap to Influence, combines new research with hands-on exercises so your attendees leave with real-world skills. Stevie does not simply stand in front of a screen showing slides. He gets your attendees involved! After The Roadmap to Influence, your group will have the confidence and skills to meet challenging interactions head on.

Key Take-aways, your attendees will learn:

♦ The neuroscience behind Whole-Brain Function, and how it affects decision-making.

♦ The main methods of persuasion, and the best circumstances for each.

♦ The Five Steps of Persuasion psychologists have discovered creates greater cooperation.

♦ How the Approach/Withdraw Response of the human brain determines acceptance or rejection.




I have never had a training seminar that received this kind of response. It definitely had a positive, measurable effect on our employees’ performance.

Susan Flygare, V.P. National Strategic Business Unit, Blue Cross Blue Shield



Keynotes and Conference Break-Outs

Opening Keynotes: Set the tone for the entire conference. If you want greater participation from the attendees, have them start with a Stevie Ray’s experience.

After Lunch: Other speakers who rely on lecture cannot keep an audience awake after a big lunch. Stevie can!

Closing Keynotes: Conference attendees often think, “I have learned so much at this conference. Now what do I do?” Stevie gives the attendees the skills and confidence they need to put what they have learned into action.

Many clients have Stevie Ray offer a keynote, covering the essentials of influence, then conduct a more in-depth break-out to help with specific needs of the audience.

Private Coaching

Stevie works one-on-one with professionals who need to improve their communication skills and executive presence, how to command a room and lead with confidence. 

Contact Stevie Ray at or 952-500-9230 and he’ll customize a session just for you.