Sharpening professional skills to help you reach your next stage.


Because Stevie Ray is a master at taking good and making it excellent. For over 30 years, he has helped individuals and teams reach the next stage of their development. He is like no other speaker you have ever heard. Rather than lecture or flip through PowerPoint slides, he engages your audience in interactive exercises designed to build vital communication skills. He helps professionals reach the next stage in their development, employees reach their next stage of teamwork, and companies reach their next stage of growth.


What I Should Have Said

In this exciting program attendees learn simple steps that will take their communication skills to the next stage; improving their lives and careers.

Learn the secret techniques of Whole Brain Thinking so you can handle any on-the-spot situation with confidence.

Discover the hidden Approach/Withdraw Response of the brain and how to turn resistance into acceptance.

The Roadmap to Influence


Persuasion and influence are part of leadership, sales, customer service, and motivation in every organization. The trouble is, most people approach the art of persuasion using techniques that actually create resistance, rather than cooperation. Stevie Ray brings current research in neuroscience to show how the brain is triggered to respond. Warning: Stevie teaches techniques in persuasion to create positive outcomes for everyone; not to “sell” things to people they don’t need. If you want to create relationships where everyone comes out ahead, this workshop is for you.

Playing in the Same Sandbox

Your team works well, but Stevie can bring them to the next level. He teaches the Eight Elements of an Effective Team to help your working groups work better and enjoy each other in the process.

Next Stage Leadership

Designed for experienced leaders who want to take their skills to the next level. Learn what really makes your employees tick so you can inspire them to deliver their best.

Speaking in Public without Sweating in Private

Get the benefit of Stevie’s lifetime of experience as a master keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and entertainer so you can deliver presentations with poise and confidence.

Creating Connections: Networking for Professionals


Over 90% of new business is gained through face-to-face interaction, but most people—even high-level executives—are awkward at networking. Stevie takes the fear and stress out of working the room.

Talk, Don’t Text

Entire generations have been raised learning to communicate with their thumbs! The problem is, business is still won – or lost – in face-to-face or voice-to-voice interactions. Many employees are hired lacking even the most basic skills in communication. Stevie Ray makes it easy for text-lovers to succeed in business by helping them master the art of real-time talk.

The Calm Before the Brainstorm

Most brainstorm sessions produce few ideas, but a lot of tension. What’s more, the ideas that are generated rarely see the light of day.

Learn the eight steps of the innovative idea process; these will create groundbreaking solutions, as well as bring excitement to the team.

Avoid the most common pitfalls of group brainstorming.

Think Like a Team

Team productivity is the key to any organization. Stevie Ray gets teams connected, and working toward the same goals.




Stevie speaks to groups of a few dozen to thousands.

Opening Keynotes: Set the tone for the entire conference. If you want greater participation from the attendees, have them start with a Stevie Ray’s experience.

  After Lunch: Other speakers who rely on lecture cannot keep an audience awake after a big lunch. Stevie can!

Closing Keynotes: Conference attendees often think, “I have learned so much at this conference. Now what do I do?” Stevie gives the attendees the skills and confidence they need to put what they have learned into action.

Conference Break-Outs

Because Stevie can teach a variety of skills, meeting planners often have him open the conference speaking about one topic, and then conduct a break-out session dealing with a different issue that is of interest to the group.

Small-Group Workshops

Stevie designs a customized workshop to improve skills that are most important for your staff. Stevie’s favorite question for you is, “What do you want your people to do better, and what is keeping them from doing it?”

Private Coaching

Stevie works one-on-one with professionals; specializing in presentations skills, helping craft the message and deliver it powerfully, and executive presence, how to command a room and lead with confidence. 

Since our focus is not on specific topics, but on building skills that will have a positive impact on your personal and professional life, we customize every program to meet your objectives.

Contact Stevie Ray at or 952-500-9230 and he’ll customize a session just for you.