Why should you take a class at Stevie Ray’s?

Improvisation, or “improv,” is a ton of fun, and a great way to get your first taste of performing in front of a live audience. Our classes culminate with a recital so you can show off your new skills to family and friends. We have introduced hundreds of new improv stars to the stage since 1989.  But improv is great for more than performance skills, it helps you think on your feet, sharpen your speaking skills, and build self-confidence for that next company meeting or social gathering. Or, it could just be a chance to doing something fun for yourself once a week. If this sounds intimidating, remember that most of our students have no experience before joining class and they come from all walks of life. Warning: most of our students become hooked and stay with us for years!

Stand-Up Comedy  Whether you want to be the next Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, or you may just want to cross I performed stand-up comedy off your bucket list, this class is for you. We have trained hundreds of people in the exciting art of stand-up. This course teaches you the fundamentals of humor so you can use laughter to your advantage in everyday life. Stevie Ray designed the course based on his personal experience as a nation-wide comedian, having opened for such stars as Paula Poundstone and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Plus, Stevie is the only person in the country to have designed his own college degree to study humor.

Professional Development  After over three decades of offering custom workshops for major companies around the country, we now offer classes for individuals who want to sharpen their professional skills. Learn communication and interaction skills, professional networking, leadership and team management, presentation and public speaking, and more.

Special Workshops  Do you want a fun workshop for a Scout troop, church group, bachelorette party, or company outing? We can arrange a fun and exciting session just for you. Contact Stevie Ray directly at stevie@stevierays.org.

Make your gift a joke  Looking for a great gift idea? Show the special person in your life that you think he or she has talent. Gift certificates never expire and one size fits all! Just click HERE. If you want a special message attached to the gift certificate, contact Stevie Ray at 952-500-9230 or stevie@stevierays.org and he will take care of everything.

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