“Stevie shares knowledge in such a fun, invigorating way that the participants aren’t even aware they are learning. I think the fact that I’m still thinking about some of the things that he said and am still processing them is a huge testament to the effectiveness of the program. I conduct the training in Cargill and I only wish I were half as effective! I’d have Stevie Ray at all my sessions.”

Susan Powers, Training Specialist, Cargill Law

Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota
“I have never had a training seminar that received this kind of response. It definitely had a positive measurable effect on our employees’ performance.”
Susan Flygare, Vice President-National Strategic Business Unit

RBC Dain Rauscher
“You were great! I gained self-awareness. I didn’t realize how often I use negating words or lead a conversation down an inappropriate path.”
Jenni Taylor, Financial Consultant, San Francisco CA

Sun Life Financial, US Division
“In my position, getting my message across is as important as the development of the message/strategy itself. That’s where Stevie Ray came in. Stevie taught me to be an effective communicator and over the last half dozen years or so of my career this skill has been the most important one in terms of my success.”

Robert Salipante, President

Techmex Event Production, Singapore
“Wow! I give it 5 out of 5.”

Christina Lew, Account Director

3M Company
Thank you for the successful Leadership Essentials program you helped design and presented to our leaders. The evaluation results indicate the highest level of any program with satisfaction and expectations met for the participants. You also had the highest ratings of any presenter thus far.”
Donna Borton-Chicone, Development Specialist

Dorsey & Whitney Law Firm
Yours was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Thank you!
Miki Usyak – NW Regional Marketing & Business Development Manager

“People are still raving about the great presentation you did. It helped make our conference a huge success!”
Sue Melrose, Employee Relations Manager

Thomson West/Westlaw
“I untapped an inner voice I did not know I already had.”
Michael Bunting

“I learned how to think outside the box. You have great energy and it was a great class.”

Michelle Keeton Wilkerison

Accounting Firms Associated, Inc.
“We would like to congratulate you on being the highest rated speaker at our national conference!”
Douglas H. Thompson, President

Wells Fargo Regional Managers
“This program gave me tips & hints on how to improve my communication. All the interactive exercises demonstrated those skills.”
Christy Bauer, Business Analyst

“I laughed and learned at the same time.”
Tammi Kern, Market Support Consultant

“The session created positive energy in the entire room. He is good at keeping things moving and making people want to learn more.”
Marlo Cronk, Regional Service Manager

Wells Fargo DSSG Convention-Chicago

“Stevie show me ways to stop myself from assuming my audience’s thoughts without first using techniques to find out.”

Celeste Finlay, SPP & Director

“It was great that you could improv and adjust to the group. I learned to sharpen my skills.”
Janna Mimms, Regional Services Manager

Wells Fargo Private Client Services
“Wow … the offices are still buzzing about how much fun people had. You exceeded our expectations on the training, and the improv show was a classic. I am sure you might have off or on nights with your troupe, but that was an ON night. Thank you for bringing your “A” team to our event. You are the best.”

Richard Renikoff, Regional Manager

Minnesota Department of Economic Security
“We haven’t laughed so much and learned so much at the same time.” 

Katy Kaering

Fairview Health Services
“Dear Stevie, Thank you so much for the excellent work you did at our Quality Leadership Conference. What an elegant presenter you are! Your content was well designed and delivered. Your use of humor to illustrate your points kept our learners fully engaged and wanting more. We loved you and we learned a lot too. Many people have quoted you since the conference, and not just the jokes either. Your point about humor locking in a message is now a very evident truth here. We will definitely be looking for other opportunities to use your talents at Fairview. Thank you for making our conference so successful.” 

Susan Clark

“Your session at the Fairview Quality Leadership Conference received an average rating of 4.47 on a 5 point scale – tremendous! I’ve been hearing great things about it.”

Luann Damman

Park Nicollet Medical Foundation
“I always learn from you and can count on our conference participants getting the boost they need at the time they need it. That’s why I usually save you for the toughest time slots. I like the way you are integrating business principles into your message and, as always, you are an inspiration for those of us who appreciate good public speaking. I always benefit from seeing how a master continues to hone the craft. What a wonderful community resource you are. I fully expect you are doing as much to improve the health of the people in this community as the most accomplished of our medical practitioners”

Paul Terry, Ph.D., President

Minnesota Human Resources Planning Society
“Stevie, I attended your presentation and WOW! Very impressive, very fun, and extremely useful! I went right home to write down your insights for future use.”

Tom Resick

Minnesota Legal Administrators Association
“Superb! Fantastic program.”
Thomas Holeman

ING Financial Corp.
“Stevie, you rocked our world. Thank you.”

Ruth Weber Kelly

“I really learned how to deal with split-second uncomfortable situations.”

Brandon Honcoop, Financial Consultant, Bellevue WA

“I discovered human behaviors and how to understand myself and ways to improve my performance (in whatever I do).”

Wesley Davis, Financial Consultant, Beverly Hills CA

Aggregate & Ready Mix Association of Minnesota
“It was a fantastic presentation and the people in attendance were very happy with the time they spent. I didn’t think you could move that crowd, and I NEVER thought I’d see them so involved and engaged in a development program. It was truly outstanding. Several members have already suggested to me that they want to bring you in to speak at their companies. Thanks for making the event a big hit with our members.”
Tim Reagan, Director

Rasmussen College
“Thank you so much for the dynamic presentation on Wednesday. Our team is still buzzing and using all the concepts you presented to us! Everyone has shared what a fantastic training it was, and that it didn’t even feel like ‘training.’ And that is a challenge in itself.”
Jodie Dibble, Regional HR Manager

Scott County Employee Relations
“I would like you to know that your presentations were extremely well received. It is a rare treat to find a professional speaker who has the ability to deliver a valuable and insightful message that is equaled by enthusiasm and entertainment, which is exactly what you did. Your quick wit, moment by moment, enhances you presentation and delivers what an audience thrives on, content. My initial review of the sessions’ evaluation forms indicated that your presentation ranked right up there at the top. Congratulations!” Jessyka Sigfrid

Iowa Hospital Association
“Your session was everything we hoped it would be and more! Your style and delivery ensure that the message will be remembered. You’re a pleasure to work with and a professional from beginning to end.”
Becky Anthony